Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two new layouts and a little contest

**Okay, so we have a winner. You are all quick. Melissa, I have your addy. Thanks for noticing that I added the Tim Holtz "Destiny" metal tag under the photo. Thanks to everyone for playing!**

I made two new layouts today, one from a sketch and a lift. The first one is for the sketch of the week for the Memory Makers Forum. The talented Alanna shared her first sketch and it inspired this:

I am actually pleasantly surprised by how much I like the end result because when I started, I have to admit, I wasn't feeling it. Then bit by bit, it came together. Yes, those are my siblings, hence the title.

Second layout of the day is a lift from Amy Parker who was published with a very cute layout in this month's Scrapbook Trends. It features a photo of my nephew Alex that I have been wanting to scrap since I saw it. I kept it in my stash of photos to scrap, but each time I pulled it out, it wasn't right. Until today.

The funniest thing is that I showed this to dear Hubby and he said, "It actually turned out good." Actually? ACTUALLY!?!?! As in you are surprised that it is good? As in compared to all that other crap you have created so far, I had little faith in your abilities, but this layout is actually good? I realize that isn't what he meant and that maybe I am a bit moody because I haven't eaten since this morning. Just maybe.

Okay and last but not least, the contest. I am re-posting my "Home Girls" layout from yesterday. One because it is a better picture in regards to color and two, I made a small change to the layout. It is obvious and the first person to leave me a comment naming what it is that is different, I will send a little RAK to.

I am also leaving the original version up, so this is a lot like those matching games we used to play in our color books.


  1. I love all of your layouts, Lora. The first two are just so colorful and fun! Love the little mushrooms on the first one, and the layout is perfect for the photo on the second one. I agree, the color looks very vibrant in your "home girls" layout.. I liked how it looked before, but now even more! I'm probably not the first person to notice, which I don't care about, but I see you added a little embellie that says "destiny" under the right corner of the photo. Looks great! :)

  2. Ooooo- ooooo!!!! Me! Me! there's a brad thingy in the middle of that sqaure thingy!

  3. Well not really sure if it's a brad, maybe an epoxied doohickie. And that other thing isn't really square, kind of a flowery shaped doo dad with swirly woos all around!

  4. Ok, so now that I've calmed down (I gets a little excited when I hear RAK); I'm going to leave the real praise. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that line that you used in the first LO. I remember seeing it, I remember almost buying it. Wasn't sure if it was girly enough for us, you put it to use very well. I really like all the elements that you used on the second as well. There's a lot there, but it's very easy on the eye; not always an easy thing to accomplish. Well Done! and don't worry, I get that kind of praise from the DH as well. I feel certain it was well meant!
    I left three comments. HA!HA! I'll quit stalking you now. :P :)

  5. Hi Lora! You added a round embellishment to the lower right journalling block below the photo?! :)

    Regarding your first layout - don't you love when you're 'not feeling it' and then it turns out well?? That happens to me often enough! Your blog is looking great - all your layouts are lovely :)

  6. Oooh how fun! I didn't think I'd win! :) Thank you Lora! Looking forward to seeing what you create next!

  7. I like the little details on the first lo like how you corner punched the background paper and then trimmed the brown flowered paper to match up with the scalloped paper. Nice details there. The mushrooms are adorable too. There's a whole lot going on in the 2nd lo but it's so well done. Good work!