Friday, February 12, 2010

To know me is to realize I'm a dork

Seriously, I have little to no shame, people. I am honestly the biggest goober on the planet and I am not afraid to make a complete a$$ out of myself if I think it will make someone laugh. Now, I am not talking Johnny Knoxville/ Bam Margera level jacka$$ here, just honest, plain goofy. Here are some candid shots from CHA to prove it.

1500 business cards, magnets, and postcards, plus one birthday later

LOVE this woman for so many reasons. (Mainly in this photo, for having listened to me blabber till the wee hours of the morning)

Don't you know, I smell ALL of my products before using them!?!

Nancie and her fondant and me and my double chin. (Seriously?!?!)

This is normal for me.

Disney could hire me and they wouldn't even need to add make up. Is this my best angle? (Least the double chin is missing.)

Attractive, no? (No comments about the teenager acting skin issues, please).

This is why I was laughing. Ever had a man put a balloon alien onto your arm? No? Well, it is pretty amusing, let me tell you. 

Okay, so tomorrow I will post my final CHA post, featuring more from the Dear Lizzy portion of the American Crafts booth. Yes, more of her and her fabulous items. I told you, I love her.

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  1. LOL! I heart you! I never have a day that I DON'T act like total wingnut too, and the people around me have learned to accept it. And I smell everything as well. Do you know how many times I have ended up with blobs of shampoo or dabs of ink on my nose? Looking forward to your final CHA installment, it's been wonderful to attend CHA vicariously through you. Later Squirrely!